We provide highly resilient, customer focus, fit-for-purpose cyber security service

Security Assessment

Every good cyber operation starts with an assessment.

We won't make any assumptions, we conduct a fast and in-depth security architecture and infrastructure assessment of your information technology asset and cyber program.We evaluate your prior investment, gauge your risk, understand your risk appetite and your industry regulations, audit your compliance and understand your business mission, we use all of this to gain insight into your impact analysis, continuity plan, gap analysis, and disaster recovery. After which we can lay out strategic and tactical security plans as well as global
standard recommendations of paths to achieving resilience and security across your business.

Incident Response

Our Incident Response plan is a stitch in time, it saves nine.

In the event that you may have been a victim of a cyber-attack, you must be able to respond to such an incident in a timely manner, in this case, an existing incident response partner for your business might be your biggest proactive investment. We at CyberGate Technologies would jump on such an incident, respond, remediate and recover your business. Plan your incidence response now for as low as £499.

Vulnerability Management

We also provide you with remediation strategies to eliminate cyber vulnerabilities that could be exploited in your digital IT asset.

 We discover all forms of flaws including the most hidden weakness within your estate’s information technology infrastructure and prioritize based on your business impact analysis assessment. Vise countermeasures to fix and mitigate these system vulnerabilities in the most professional manner.

Penetration Testing

Get your system tested by ethical hackers before malicious hackers does

With our specialist penetration tester, we carefully evaluate potential risks within your environment by showing you areas of weakness and successfully exploited IT infrastructure conducted using full hacking knowledge to test your computer systems and network architecture. We conduct manual penetration testing, dynamic automated testing, breach and attack simulation, data exfiltration techniques, account compromise, ransomware testing, and many

cyber security training

Security Architecture Design & Implementation

Security architecture design is the foundation of our resilient security program and core of enterprise defense strategy.

With the right security architecture in place, you would be able to fend off even the most sophisticated attack from your business. We would use strategic security architecture policies, and procedures along with standards and frameworks to build a layered sophisticated cyber architecture that meets your business demand. We can help you to build a well-functioning and very active security layout foundational design to assure long-term resilient information systems architectures to protect your enterprise business.

SOC As A Service

We do the heavy lifting, we manage your 24/7 security operation by monitoring

With our SOC-as-a-service model, you would be provided an amazing subscription-based managed detection and response capability, such that you enjoy a best-in-class security operation center within your reach on your partner's watch, helping you to detect and respond to cyber-threat in real-time. The current stage of cyber threat and activities of threats actors has called for real-time security monitoring and alerting for all business with a low-risk appetite, however not all business is capable of running such 24/7 365-days-a-year internal security operation.

Information Security Management

We do this by means of tested security frameworks and standards to build the right business policies, programs, and effective controls.

Over the years of helping businesses manage security challenges, we have seen that our approach to building an effective information security management system is by far one of the most effective strategic approaches that guide enterprise tactical resilient security architecture. We do this by means of tested security frameworks and standards to build the right business policies, programs, and effective controls.

Virtual CISO and Security Advisory

Our CISO as a Service subscription gives you an experienced cyber security advisor as internal member of your team.

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a cost-effective replacement for a full-time internal CISO who becomes your trusted expert on your management team and helps you to strategically build and deliver core enterprise and business security framework using a top-down approach. With this subscription-based service, you enjoy high-level expert advice at the lowest cost compared to having an internal senior-level cyber security expertise at such an experienced level.

Cloud Security and Infrastructure Backup

We support your infrastructure everywhere

Are you building on the cloud or already have your infrastructures in the cloud, we can evaluate the risk and provide you a workable security metric alongside actionable strategies to reduce your attack surface in the cloud and protect your business infrastructure. We also support your business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan in terms of infrastructure backup, eliminating a single point of failure, and creating a resilient security architecture that can withstand major security incidents.

Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting

Our threat intelligence capability would be used to threat hunt for any IoC and IoA within your business.

We conduct deep investigations using open source resources and techniques including the dark web and digging deep into obnoxious cyber-criminal underground spaces to understand new attack vectors, new cyber threat activities, and threat landscape. We also use all of our finding such as the indicator of compromise and indicator of attack found both in the wild and shared from our partners to threat hunt within your estate for any suspicious or malicious activity and create new detection and alerting mechanism.

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Application Security

We support your infrastructure. Talk to us about your software development project and we handle security by design for you.

Software security is critical to the overall resilience security architecture of all businesses, we are experts at software and application testing and security by design at all stage of development using a standardized process and globally accepted techniques. Talk to us about your software or application security and testing, our people at Cybergate Technologies would help you manage and enhance security and eliminate all flaws and vulnerabilities within your codes and otherwise.


We integrate security within your application and operation right from day one.

In the age of rapid deployment, tooling, and automation across multiple platforms and software development lifecycle to enable security and drive agile approach within DevOps operation to meet the ever-fast rapidly changing information technology infrastructure. We help you facilitate security at the DevOps and use our DevSecOps experience and best practices to your advantage.

IT Insfrastructure Design & Deployment

Just tell us what your business requirement is and we can build it out for you securely.

We are your business partner, we are experts, we can deploy, manage and secure your business infrastructure end to end so you can focus on what really matters: doing your business at optimum capacity. This could be application deployment, software requirements, digital workspace, hybrid infrastructure, IT services, and more.

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