Our Solutions are business first, it is birth from our promise to you.


Our strategy is assessment first.

we don't do guesswork, and we don't gamble with the security of your business. Remember our promise to you!

Our cyber risk audit guides our comprehensive approach to analysis and review of your IT infrastructure across  your business assets to detect and highlight threats, vulnerabilities, and risk metrics to which your business is exposed to. We also use this to analyze privacy and compliance concerns and potential data breaches.

We have built a strategic template for effective cyber security risk management that provides the simplest walk-through of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating your company's threat landscape and risk to  your business. The Possibility of threats actors exploiting a vulnerability within your business would be exposed and treated based on your business requirement.

Disruption in business is a major concern to every business, we would assume the scenario and predict the consequence of such impact and disruption to a business function in other to strategically consider possible recovery position in an event of operational failure.

Our gap analysis expose the area of weakness within your business IT infrastructure and system architecture, this gives us a good assessment overview of your network and system and where new security controls need to be.

We also help you deliver assurance in terms of testing your security controls and reaffirming their efficiency by conducting security penetration testing across your infrastructure. This gives insight into areas of improvement.

We help you analyze your business and define how you can continue operations in case of disruption to your systems, network, or infrastructure. This gives your business resilient to go through unexpected resilience without seizing the business operation. 

We also put in place strategies and plans to recover from unplanned incidents or unexpected disruptions.

We continuously scan and check your systems and network infrastructure for new vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by the threat actor, we eliminate all flaws before they could be exploited.

Compliance and Programme

We can get your compliance right and fast.

We won't make any assumptions, we conduct a fast and in-depth security architecture and infrastructure assessment of your information infrastructure assessment of your information technology asset and cyber program.


We provide the competent guideline to manage an effective information security management system program via the international standard of ISO 27001 which provides the overall layout of security architecture and implementation programs.

The General Data Protection Regulation gives a mature and precise concern for the use of data, the privacy of such data, and its protection. We support all kinds of businesses to maintain guidance on compliance with the European Union's legal requirement on data protection as prescribed by EU GDPR.

The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) defines well procedural strategies to bridge the gap between technical cyber security controls, business risk, and control requirements, we at CyberGate Technologies help you define a synergy within your business framework and security architecture of your business.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) 20 controls is an effective list of activities planned and a strategic overview of 20 critical lists of security controls that identify good security measures. This framework has proven to be effective in creating resilient security controls, and we can help you plan out steps to achieve the CIS 20 framework.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security as defining a good structure approach as a standard to ensure the process, storage, and transmission of credit card information is secure. We can walk you through the process to comply with standards in relation to the credit card information business.

As defined within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework, we help you design and implement the set of standards and recommended security controls for information systems.

Customer data is extremely important and trust must be created in how such data are used, kept safe, and processed. SOC 2 gives assurance on customer data usage and privacy. We can help you get a badge of trust for your customer on their data usage.

The Cyber Essential gives the basic information security guideline to maintain resilient information security programs for small and medium-scale businesses. We help small businesses drive secured IT infranstructure with the cyber essentials as prescribed by the UK National Cyber Security Center.

The regulatory standard as defined by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is critically important to the protection of health information, usage of such data, and disclosure.

MITRE Att&ck framework helps us study adversaries' Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures which we used in writing detection rules, simulating attacks,s and understanding attack vectors. We also used the methodologies within the MITRE framework to conduct mitigation and activate kill chain procedures.


We drive our security solutions with fit-for-purpose technology

We are global technology solutions partners, We design, implement, deploy and maintain using our experience and technical expertise.

Security Information and Event Management System

User and Entity Behavior Analytic tools

Encryption as a service. 

Anti denial of service attacks

Biometric security solutions

Deceptive defense security appliances 

Data Loss Prevention and Proxy tools.