CyberGate Technologies offers the most effective cost-efficient and budget-friendly cyber security offering for UK small and medium-scale enterprises to support the national cyber security efforts.

Small and Medium Scale Business IT Security

Small and medium scale cybersecurity requirements shouldn't be an elephant project

we can manage your business information security architecture at cost-effective fees Our goal with the new SME cyber security product line is to provide an effective, fit-for-purpose cyber security service for UK small and medium-scale enterprises. SMEs are the backbone of the national economy development which however deserve the right amount of security architecture for such business.

Don't let your small business becomes the next victim

Small and medium-scale business has become the easy target of several attacks such as ransomware in recent time, don't let your small business become the next victim, we can help you take pragmatic actions to protect your business. While it is critically important for small businesses to address cyber security issues before it becomes major incident that is detrimental to business, it does not have to be stressful and expensive for small businesses

cyber security training

Only for SME

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What you get from the assessment

  • Comprehensive security assessment of your business IT infrastructure and asset
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • The full report, including recommendation
  • Review your Business Continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Compliance requirement evaluation
  • Advisory for your IT Team (If applicable)
  • Strategic follow up action

Our SME Offering

The baseline is our most basic information security architecture review and technically effective security controls implementation for small business that is concerned about their business security such as data backup, malware protection, password protection, and antiphishing protection. See more at

The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer is a highly specialist professional with management and leadership experience working as a security consultant within your team at the management level to give you an amazing opportunity to high-level overview and understanding of your security architecture and requirement from the upper echelon of your business down to every part using the top-down approach.

The virtual CISO gives you the opportunity you need to build a well-laid security process within  your team over extensive review, involvement, and finetuning.

Endpoint security appliances for your workstation such as antivirus and endpoint detection and response are a must-have for all small businesses to protect against the risk of malware and advance threats.

We can help you deploy antivirus and endpoint detection and response on your workstation and laptop at the cheapest rate per each of your devices.

Our virtual and part-time information and cyber security officer is your strategic internal cyber security officer who works with your team to manage security around your enterprise business and information technology assets. However the professional works either part-time, virtual, or both. This helps you save costs and gives you access to a professional to support your information technology security goal.

Are you looking to take the next step in security architecture and controls, the UK government has laid out guidance and action lines to consider via the cyber essential. if you are considerately looking to expand and have a badge of cyber security readiness and due diligence such as firewall security, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection, and patch management.

Small businesses are at the risk of malicious payload download through several attachments opening in email while carrying out a business duty, we can help you deploy an email security appliance that scan all attachment and is able to quarantine malicious email content to mitigate any potential malware and ransomware infection on your business.

Are you considering going bigger to implement ISO 27001 information security management systems program within your estate, this might be the next step for you. We at CyberGate Technologies can help you achieve the implementation, auditing, and accreditation of ISO 27001 using our personalized metric-based approach to fulfill the standard outline.

Ransomeware and malware infection has been a major concern to small businesses in recent time, we can help you protect against this with our antivirus, endpoint detection, and response, and email security appliance.

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