Launch your cybersecurity career in the UK

The Complete Cyber Security SOC Analyst Training

The most practical masterclass to get your first cyber security job in the UK as a foreign student or new immigrant. Be job-ready in 10 weeks.


Build your cyber competency and meet recruiters’ and hiring managers’ expectations with real-life on-the-job training by a UK-based subject matter expert.

What you will learn

The training would focus on knowledge transfer of real-life cyber security analyst job experience.


The cyber security training is specifically crafted to help position you to meet recruiters’ expectations, pass the job interview and get you your first cyber security job by teaching you how the job is done, the tools used, and everyday cyber security scenarios at the workplace. 

International graduate students, particularly masters students from Africa find it pretty hard to get a cyber security job role in the UK, because of different reasons such as recruiters’ high expectations from international students or lack of job experience in the cyber security domain.

Cybersecurity training in UK


4-hours per week instructor-led class sessions


10 week self-paced calendar for each candidate

Class Size

Classes are kept small (4 candidates max) to facilitate engagement.

Benefits of the Training

  • Train you on real-life technical cyber security job role
  • Give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with day-to-day cyber security operation job roles
  • Introduce you to the tools and operational procedure within a cybersecurity role
  • Give you the opportunity to learn from an expert, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it right, so you can gain experience while doing it and allow you to be able to explain such experience to hiring managers clearly in job interviews.
  • Provide our platform for you to learn, do it yourself and give your internship opportunity as well as recommendation letters from a cyber security company. 

Why Train with Us?

  • Most cyber security training, including MSc cyber security, focuses on theory or some practice that isn’t sought after by recruiters. At CyberGate, we focus on, and train on what the recruiters are looking for in an applicant.
  • Most training is based on pre-recorded videos, or a class full of students. At CyberGate, ours is an instructor-led system where a maximum number of 4 students are engaged at a time by our faculty in a bid to encourage do-it-yourself practicals which drive the understanding needed to pass interviews.
  • Our class is on-the-job style training, where we show you and let you do the work yourself to gain full technical understanding.
  • Our training is based fully on the job requirements, we focus on how you can meet the job requirement and pass the interview by learning exactly what cyber security SOC analysts do.
cybersecurity training


  • The class is highly technical and on-the-job focused, aimed at getting our candidates their first job, hence, no specific experience is required.
  • However, we expect our candidate to be studying or have studied cyber security or any IT-related master’s degree or have a background experience in IT to be able to catch up with technical terms.
  • Candidates without such experience might be required to go through a specialized path to match up.

Please feel free to email us at: for advice. Or, call: 0333 050 9859


Join our growing students for the instructor-led cyber security SOC Analyst training by CyberGate Technologie Limited.

Our Cyber Security SOC Analyst class  gives masters students behind the scene of what it means to work as a cyber security analyst and help them practically visualize and understand the terrain so they can scale through interviews and get a professional cyber security job in the UK.

cybersecurity training
cybergate technologies

About Us

CyberGate Technologies Limited is a UK-based Cyber Security company that offers simplified cybersecurity services and solutions specifically for small and medium-scale enterprises to protect their business and IT infrastructure from cyber threat actors.

We pride ourselves on providing fit-for-purpose and resilient cyber security offerings. Alongside, we also provide executive and management cyber security training, and cyber awareness training, and we help cyber team upskill their employee and provide cyber security training to those looking to get their first cyber security jobs.

Who is the Course for?

  1. The SOC Analyst training is specifically designed for those looking for on-the-job style training exercises.
  2. The training is for those aiming to gain on-the-job technical and operational experience, which is totally different from what the university teaches.
  3. International masters student in the UK looking to get their first professional cyber security job.
  4. Those without cyber security experience, looking to get a cyber security job.
  5. Anyone looking to add highly paid skills and become a cyber security professional

Don't Miss Out!

Cyber security jobs are out there, with hundreds of thousands of skill gaps here in the UK. While the job requirements and expectations are high, especially for those without experience; at CyberGate, we can help you gain the on-the-job experience sought after by employers and hiring managers. 

Join the class now and our expert would take you through the cyber technology stack that recruiters are looking for.